Sunday, April 6, 2008


I figured I'd better check out who's posting on my 'blog' - I already checked the one where the people recipes are; see there are some here.

I like people recipes - the kind where the left-overs are good to feed to me.

I'm 12 years old in this picture (that's about 84 years old in 'doggie' years). As you can see, I've been eating right; Lisa, Chris, and Bruce have all taken great care of me!

Today I heard grandma Diane was making a recipe that I figured I'd probably not like one little bit!

She took some beautiful salmon; baked it - it smelled darned good! Then what did she do? Well, she promptly put it into the refrigerator until it was chilled. I still thought it would be tasty, but....

She made a salad - lots of red onion and avocado - then she diced up the salmon and ruined it - she put it into the salad.

Well I do NOT like avocado - I don't like red onion; all those great salad greens she used don't appeal to me at all. On top of that, she put a vinaigrette dressing on top of that - ruined, ruined, ruined...for dogs, that is!

Okay, I guess I can take off again - it's spring, and I love chasing all the creatures in the woods where I live.

Have a great April - I think I'll take a couple months of 'rest' - Christmas was pretty hard on me because I ate a lot and wore myself out opening all those gifts!